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The Gift of Life

They say life is essentially simple. It is meant to be enjoyed. But, what is “enjoyment”? Many people have different interpretations on what “enjoyment” actually means, my definition also varies from time to time. Some people think its about indulging in self-pleasure and some people think its all about living in the present moment. But, what I feel is that enjoyment of life is all about experiences. If this were the only life we had, are we experiencing the life to the fullest with whatever means we have?

There are many things to experience in life. Experiencing and learning about nature gives us the understanding of how incredible we are, and how incredible the planet we live in. Experiencing and learning about cultures gives us the understanding of how interconnected we all are, and how incredible we are as species. Experiencing growth by using our strengths and overcoming weaknesses at work, sport or personal habits makes us in touch with the massive potential we have. And then there is so much, so much more to do, feel, see, hear, read, talk and experience. The list is endless.

We all are indeed awesome. Usually, we end up in this sinusoidal state of life which fluctuates with external conditions. External situations take control of how we feel. But, if we elevate ourselves to make ourselves truly experience the wonder of this life, external conditions would rarely affect us. No matter how many setbacks we may encounter, in the end, we would still be alive. And after everything, if we are still alive, we have the most precious gift that the Universe could give us. The gift of life.


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